Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Jamaica Beach RV Park

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  1. Hey Croft
    Looks like a nice facility. I'm curious why you opted for the Gulf area instead of the Southwest (New Mexico / Arizona). I'm interested in your take on the positives and negatives of each area. Do you prefer the more metropolitan areas to rural?
    Bill in NE.

  2. Hi Bill, We have spent several winters in Southern CA and AZ so we have seen that area. We have never been to the "South" and have always been intrigued by the area.

    At first glance, we have found the Gulf area a little cheaper and friendlier, although the extra gas will cancel out the $ savings.

    We always prefer rural areas and stay away from big cities as much as possible. In our winters in Mexico we limited our exposure to the tourist meccas to a single day in each wherever possible.