Saturday, December 4, 2010

Americana RV Park, Mission, Texas

Here is the park in Mission, TX. It butts against a birding area where we went for a short walk. We did not have the patience to wait for any interesting birds. One fellow did drop by for a snack however and I got a couple of shots. He was almost too far away for my 250mm lens. I think Bill called him a Green Jay but I am not sure. Perhaps bill will comment.
Here is our little corner of the park. Wandering Willy’s rig is behind ours and there is Bill himself in the next shot. We got along very well with Bill. We seem to agree on many things and it is seldom I run into anyone who agrees with me on much at all! We had a great couple of days and decided we both miss Mexico very much. Perhaps we will meet up there next year.


  1. Yes Croft,that's the Green Jay.Hope they fill the seed container barrel soon as the wild parrots should be showing up soon.

  2. Looks very nice. Hope your feathered friends keep visiting.