Friday, December 17, 2010

Moving On

We headed out this morning after my shower. It was not an early start, around 11:00. We set the GPS for Corpus Christi and found it was only about forty miles away. We discussed it for a minute and decided to skip CC and head for Galveston instead. After we got onto Texas Highway 6, traffic started to build and slow down. It was going to be dark when we got to the RV park in Galveston and I hate checking in and hooking up in the dark so we looked for a friendly Walmart. We are parked for the night in a Walmart Supercenter in a little town on TX 6 about one hour from Galveston. It will be a short run tomorrow.

It has been threatening rain today with a few drops actually hitting the windshield a couple of times. We are getting a couple of HD channels off air and the weather report for Houston looks pretty good for the next few days. Hopefully Galveston will catch some of that!

Our friends Juan and Chris from Mexico are going to be joining us for New Years so hopefully it will be warm enough for their Mexican Blood! Either way it is like Chris says; "It is not the place or the weather, it is the company"!


  1. I like your attitude - leave at 11:00 on a short day; hit heavy traffic and just stop. LOL That's great! Yesterday we had rain (in the desert) and I saw two idiots towing their rigs over the pass. Now that's crazy!

  2. The benefits of not being on a schedule and having no reservations!

  3. Crofty have you guys checked out the state park on Galveston Island? A bit remote, it was damaged by Hurricane Ike and don't know if it came back. They had wifi at the time we were there. Some good places nearby visit and to eat (but don't take my word on the food part :) )