Thursday, December 2, 2010

Batting a Thousand

I have been batting a thousand when it comes to meeting fellow Bloggers in the flesh! They have all been just what I expected and I have liked them all!

Today we pulled into the Americana RV Park in Mission, TX where Bill of the  "Wandering Willy" Blog has set up for the month. We asked at the desk where he was and they did not know but offered to drive us around the park in a golf cart. The first row we went down, there he was! We parked next to him, set up and walked over for "Happy Hour". We had a great time talking about Canadian politics and Mexico!

Bill talked us into staying for another day which will work out well as we just discovered the Honda has a broken exhaust and there is a muffler shop just down the road. Actually they spell it in Spanish "Mofle" so that may be an indication that it may be a little more affordable! That is where the Honda will be spending it's day tomorrow! I may get a chance to practice my Espanole.

It is much warmer here in Mission. Bill says it was actually a lot hotter the past few days but right now it is warm enough for me! It is 7:30pm and we have the door and windows open and it is still very warm. It will be shorts tomorrow. Life is Good!

Map picture


  1. Man I would HATE to mess that average up ;-)

  2. I have read his blog for a while. Cool guy. You're lucky to meet up with these guys.