Sunday, December 19, 2010


We spent a very noisy night in the Walmart with the highway on one side and the railway tracks on the other. We dragged ourselves out of bed at about nine and headed into Galveston. We passed the RV park on the Bayou where we stayed in April and turned down Galveston Island to the Jamaica Beach RV Park.

We went into the office only to be told that they could only guarantee us one week as they were “technically full” after December 26. He said to not worry about it too much as we were first on the waiting list and space was always coming free as people moved on early or cancelled reservations. If worse comes to worst there is room in the overflow section where there is electric and water but no sewer.

This is not the best situation and I would hate having to move on Boxing Day but we took him for his word that he will be able to take care of us. The other problem is Juan and Chris are coming for New Years and will need a spot. He said he did have a couple of empty spots for the 31st and 1st so not to worry. I am sure all will be well and there is always the overflow area as a backup. Everyone here is very friendly and Norma is going to put out lights today.

It is cold here but the reports say there is a warmer front coming our way tomorrow. It would be nice if the wind would shift and bring us some of Jonna and Mimi’s Yucatan weather! Sorry Jonna, I know that means you will have to pull out more blankets!



  1. Let's just hope that all the cold stays north of the Gulf entirely. I hope you guys get warmer weather and have a wonderful time, I'm envious that you will spend NYE with Juan and Chris. Feliz Navidad!

  2. Looks like a good spot. Let's hope it works out. If not, we will find another.

  3. It is going to be fun Jonna! Maybe next year we can figure out a way for us all to be in Merida!