Monday, April 7, 2014

Car Show!

We went for breakfast Sunday with our friends from Fountain Hills. Phil's Filling Station Restaurant has a large parking lot where they hold an impromptu car show every Sunday. Classic and custom cars from all over the valley assemble and they put on quite a show.

Here is a sample. Leading off is one of the original 1964 1/2 "Playmate Mustangs", given to every Playboy Magazine "Playmate". There are only two remaining in existence and this one has found new life as a "Breast Cancer Awareness" vehicle.

And finally, the Fountain at Fountain Hills. At full power it can shoot almost 500 feet into the air. It was built in the middle of nowhere by Robert P. McCullough of chainsaw fame in hopes that it would attract people to his housing development. It worked!


  1. Croft - you're kidding me right? A Playboy Playmate car is now a 'Breast Cancer Awareness' vehicle?? Alrighty, then!

  2. Playmates don't have 'breast' but rather large mechanical implants.

  3. Bet those 1964 playmates don't look as nice as that car, and maybe a few breast cancer survivors too.