Thursday, April 24, 2014

Woodland, WA

Drive, drive, drive! 400 miles which is a long day for us. We had breakfast at Denny's, left at 10:00 and arrived here at 5:30. Pulled into the nice new Walmart which is festooned with "No RV Parking" signs. We went and asked anyway, we had nothing to loose, and were told to ignore the signs and go ahead and park.

What the heck? Maybe the local mayor owns the RV park.

Tomorrow night will find us at or near the ferry dock in Port Angeles and we will catch one of the ferries on Saturday, either 8:20 AM or 2:00 PM. Brooks is working all day so we would not see him until later anyway.

Here is one of the fences he built on his days off. He is trying to keep the business alive so he is doing work for repeat customers or those who were sent to him by regular customers.

He is working in the Tar Sands 24 days on and then they fly him home for 10 days off. The work days in Alberta are ten hour days. It is tough going but the money is very good and the fencing on his down days helps as well. He is even making payments to "The bank Of Dad".


  1. That is a beautiful fence! Is it made out of wood? Wished it were in our yard.

    1. Yes, it is wood. He does good work. Both his grandfathers were good woodworkers. The talent skipped a generation. ;)

  2. Lots of miles. We will see you guys soon.

  3. Moving right along soon be home.
    Nice that he has things to do on his days off. Great looking fence.

  4. A long day for you both. The good news is that the weather is picking up next week so you should have a good homecoming.

  5. Great looking fence! Nice work. Glad to see you are almost back on Vancouver Island after your long winter's travels!