Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Jackpot, Nevada

It is freezing cold here! I would not be surprised to see snow in the morning. We are in the RV park connected to Cactus Pete's Hotel and Casino, $18 per night but the water is turned off for fear of freezing and the dump has a sign saying "Gray Water Only". What's up with that? It is good we filled the water up before we left Ely this morning.

We walked over to the casino to look at the buffet and on the way Norma donated $30 and I, $7. Nobody won. That left Norma with $20 left from her last night's winnings so that helped a little with the buffet. It was pretty good for $14 each.

We will try to get an early start tomorrow and try for Pendleton, Oregon.

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  1. We are parked in the Boise/Meridian Koa and it was 78F when we arrived yesterday. Today about 55F and rain. Supposed to be showers and light wind tomorrow and no freezing tonight. Trying for Soap Lake, Washington tomorrow. Safe travels.