Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ontario, Oregon

Another three State day, Nevada, Idaho and just into Oregon. We are trying to get back to the Island before Brooks flies off to the Alberta Tar Sands for another 24 days. We parked in a friendly Walmart as we had to exchange our electric heater for one that works proberly and return a HD TV flat panel antenna that did not perform as expected. No problem with either return even though I had no receipt for the heater.

It poured rain all night which kept waking us up until we finally admitted defeat at 7:00 AM. we will have a quick breakfast and take down the Starchoice which I set up in "stealth" mode, tucked in between the motorhome and car dolly where it is hard to see.

Our goal is to make it past Portland today. It will be a long day


  1. Rain for you all night? Same story here on the BC west coast. It is likely that you will driving in rain for most of today.

  2. Good deal with the Tv and heater.
    We in Ontario Canada,almost neighbors haha.
    Travel safe.