Tuesday, April 22, 2014


It is ten o'clock at night here in Jackpot and it is snowing like mad. The car has about an inch on it and there is no sign of it stopping. We brought the slide in so we can escape tomorrow morning if that is going to be possible.

We had a surprise visit from Carol, a long time Blog reader tonight. Carol and her husband wintered in Mazatlan and are on their way back to Port Alberni, BC. Thanks for stopping by Carol!


  1. Just hate when that white stuff decides to attack us.,
    Hope it clear enough so that you can hit the road in the morning.

  2. Snow? No fun....at least not when you are RVing. Hope you get away and the snow melts quickly.

  3. Oh oh! Don't you hate it when that happens? Hope you get away easy today.

  4. Snow? Ugh! Hope you're able to get on the road safely!