Sunday, April 6, 2014

Fountain Hills

Finally! Beautiful weather!!!! Thank You Arizona!! It is 9:30AM and already HOT! Yesterday we went for a swim and hot tub and then laid in the sun by the pool before having Happy Hour with our friends Brian and Sue who live here in Fountain Hills. This morning we are heading over to Phil's Filling Station Grill to meet Brian and Sue for breakfast. Phil's has an impromptu car show on Sundays where car enthusiasts from all over the Valley gather to show off their rides in the parking lot.

We booked for three nights but are adding another three. It is too beautiful to leave here and we need better tans.

Our end spot with desert behind us $44 per night with a "pay for two nights, get one free" special on.


  1. Exactly how we felt when we got to Az - heat - glorius heat. Enjoy it for us too!

  2. Enjoy the heat you had a long cold winter.
    Love Arizona.

  3. So now you are seeing how we've been living this winter. It's been hard not to gloat too much.

    1. You are a better man than me, Rod. I would have been gloating!