Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Yes, We Have No Propane Today

We are finding it very difficult to find propane this year. Few service stations sell it and the ones that do all seem to be in some kind of contest to come up with reasons to not sell it.

"My son has the licence to pump it but he is off for lunch. He should be back in a half hour". We waited because it was the only place we had found all day and we were very low. We made lunch and had a nap and an hour later I went back in. "I don't know where he is. He has a new girlfriend so maybe he stopped there. I don't know her phone number". Half an hour later he was still MIA so we left.

On a Sunday we pulled up to the propane tank in a TA Travel Center and Norma went in to ask for someone to come out to fill us. "We don't sell propane on Sundays" the clerk said while giving her a look as if she had gone out of her way to insult the lord or something. Well, they sell beer, wine, tobacco and condoms on Sunday, why does propane violate their religious convictions?

After struggling to connect his hose to our tank for ten minuted one guy asked, "Where are you from"? "Canada", I answered. "Well, you have a Canadian fitting, you can't fill it in the USA" he explained as he rolled up his hose.

Another Love's Travel Center had a "Propane Now Available" sign at the Interstate exit. We pulled in and could not see the tank. Norma went in to ask and was told they did not sell propane, never had. She told them about the sign and they knew nothing about it. "I don't know what the sign says, we don't sell propane"!

This place takes the cake. "Do you sell propane"? "No, but your truck takes gas, not propane". He stated as if I were stupid. "I know, it is for the RV fridge, stove and water heater. Do you know of anyone in town who sells it"? "Hey George" he yells to someone in back. "Do you know if anyone in town sells propane"? George came out and looked at the motorhome, "I think Bill at the hardware store sells it in those little green bottles".

Wish us luck, we are off to find propane.


  1. Two places to try: U-Haul rental places and Amerigas (use their location finder http://amerigas.com/).

  2. The best one I've heard recently was when we were in Riverside, CA......."We're not selling propane today, because it looks like it's going to rain.".....wait, what?

  3. We found it hard to find as well, esp in the south - much easier in the north where it seems to be everywhere. In New Mexico we had to break down and pay the expensive KOA price.

    Thanks for the laugh though! I almost thought it was an April's fool joke but then I recalled all the strange comments we have heard over the years.....

    1. We ended up buying it at the RV park. $4 per gallon there, $3 everywhere else. Grrrrrr.

  4. Oh Croft, what next! You can get it in Parker, AZ for certain.

  5. The new fashion is all electric rvs, that may be part of it. I guess we need to fill up in Mexico before heading across the border.