Thursday, April 10, 2014

Slide Topper

We have all seen slide toppers in need of replacement. This year ours joined these ranks. It has been exposed to ultraviolet rays for nine years and was fraying. The other day a mobile repair truck was in the park and I asked him if they did this work. He gave me his card and told me to phone his shop. I did that and they asked me to send photos and take some measurements which I did. The truck is arriving sometime today (yesterday) with the new fabric.

They were however, quick to remind me that I had done the measuring and if it was wrong, it is my fault. Not so sure I like this.

The installer called in the morning and told me his ten year old son had been injured in school and was in the hospital. I told him to take care of his son, tomorrow was good enough for the install. About three hours later he called back and said he was on his way. The injury was a sprained ankle that they thought might be broken so they sent him to the hospital.

I asked him if the school had insurance for this and he said no, they have to file a copy of their medical insurance with the school before the child is allowed into the gym.

The install was not as easy as I thought it might be and took him about two hours. When he finished we moved the slide in and out and everything worked. The bill was $471 US. I don't know if this is cheap or expensive. Anyway, it needed doing. The main awning is also showing a little UV damage from the sun so it will probably have to be replaced in another year or two.

When the installer left we decided to go to the casino to have a look around. We signed up for a card and they put $10 on each one as a gift. I spent the gift amount and walked away with $18 cash. Norma spent the gift amount plus $20 of her own and walked away with $37. It was "$9.99 Crab Leg Night" in the buffet so we invested most of our winnings there. The crab legs were actually quite nice. A lot larger and easier to get out of the shell than the last time we had them in Las Vegas for $25 each. All in all a good evening. I pigged out, going back three times for more crab and then I hit the desert table. I did not even have room for coffee when we got home.


  1. Nice...that's our kind of gambling!

    Based on my two seasons at the RV dealership, I'd say you were treated fairly. Slide toppers aren't a super easy job, so the labor isn't out of whack.

    Our main awning is due for replacement as well. The old guy with the big motorhome apparently had his done here in Puerto Vallarta and the guy came right to the campground to do it. I'm going to go over and ask what he paid and have a look at the job that was done.

  2. That seems like a fair price for the slide topper. We had ours placed a few years ago in Ontario for about the same price.