Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Easy Fix. It's Only Money!

We spent the night in a Walmart near the repair place and were in front of the service bay when they opened at 8:00 AM. They had a "universal" ladder in stock and it went on fairly easily and looks good. I could have bought a hacksaw and done it myself but they did a good job. There was a tear in the rubber roof where the ladder was ripped out but I carry a roll of Eternabond for just such occasions and the roof was soon waterproof again. The new ladder uses different attachment points on the roof so it screwed into new plywood (or whatever it is). He used the same standoffs for the vertical part so no new holes on the back of the RV. The fridge vent cover was an easy fix as well and I would have gotten out of there fairly cheaply considering BUT... Norma had her own list of things she wanted adjusted so that added a couple of parts and a bit of labour onto the bill.

The total was $541, parts, labour and taxes included. It could have been worse. If anyone is looking for an honest RV repair place in Mesa, AZ, give Worldwide RV 480 832 5600 a call. They did good work.

We got out at 12;00, right when they said we would. We drove to Wikieup. AZ and checked into Dazzo's RV Park, Their Passport America rate is $10 per night with 50 amp power and great WIFI. Norma has some things we wanted to PVR tonight so I quickly set up the StarChoice. I remembered from last time that the path to the bird was precisely parallel  to the side of the RV when it was in a pull through so with only a slight altitude adjustment, I had it. Two minutes, tops.

Last time we were here their office, store and restaurant had burned down so there was nothing here. Everything is now rebuilt and they have chicken takeout which Norma is going to get for herself later. It is 96 outside and 85 inside with the A/C running. We are fairly high here so it will cool down later.


  1. That final bill seems reasonable....although it still hurts.

    We enjoyed our stay at Dazzo's too. Great deal!

  2. Not too bad to repair the damage done.
    Enjoy your stay there.

  3. Anytime you can get out of a repair place for around $500 it's a good deal - at least that's been my experience.

  4. I need to get a roll of Eternabond. The piece you put on the roof of the rv for the solar cable is stuck tighter than, well, I don't know what but it isn't coming off!

    1. "Shit to a blanket" is the expression in English. I bought it at a wholesale roofing supply in El Paso at a much lower price than you can get it elsewhere.

  5. "We are fairly high here..."

    and I am very happy for both of you! Lol! :)
    (I know, it's juvenile humour but I couldn't resist)