Saturday, April 26, 2014

Safe and Sound Back In Canada

We got in line at 7:15 AM and boarded the ferry. We had reservations but may not have needed them. We rolled off the ferry in Victoria and lined up for Customs. A nice woman asked us how long were we gone, five and a half months, how much did you spend, $1602. How much liquor, two sealed bottles and six more in the liquor cabinet, partly empty. Welcome home and have a good day.

That was it. It was like we were not "Red Flagged" from the problems last year. What a difference! All that stress for nothing.

We are at Brooks and LindaLee's house. LindaLee's mom and dad are just back from visiting another daughter in China and are here as well. We had a very enjoyable evening. Brooks has a fence to finish tomorrow and then he flies back to Alberta on Monday. I will get up early and drive him to the Nanaimo airport and then we will head home. Taxes await!.


  1. Good news! Easy - just like us! Strange but we won't complain - right! Nice to back with family. Good luck with the taxes - glad I finished ours a few days ago.

  2. Welcome back to Canada, and a nice easy border crossing.

  3. It sure feels great to hear those words "welcome home, have a nice day" from a customs agent.

  4. You faced a friendly customs officer. Nice! Welcome home.

  5. Our crossing was pretty easy as well. After the regular 5 or 6 questions he started asking us how we were dealing with the higher exchange rates compared to previous years, and whether or not this was impacting our decisions on heading down south. With the cost of living being so much cheaper in the US we said it wasn't much of a factor. We had quite the talk for a couple of minutes while the line grew behind us :)

    1. Everyone seems to be having an easy time at the bofder this year. The fear of old people must have subsided!