Friday, October 30, 2009

Anderson, CA

It was a very long drive today but I wanted to get the Siskiyou Pass behind me and the weather was beautiful as we crossed into California. We stopped at the Agricultural Inspection where they relieved us of three oranges. He was very apologetic, saying he hated to take our fruit but that he had a job to do. No problem, I am sure we can find oranges in California.

We parked for the night in a brand new WalMart in Anderson, CA where they have an RV service bay in their service Center. We will get an oil and lube first thing in the morning and then head to Corning, CA to stock up on olives at the Olive Pit. I can taste those martinis already!

This WalMart, like many in California, has a No Overnight Parking sign posted. I asked at the car center and was told to ignore it. They never bother anyone staying for one night but they have had problems with people using the parking lot for long term camping. These are the ones who ruin it for all of us who just want a safe, level place to park for a few hours sleep.

The really good news here is that when I turned on the laptop in the motorhome, I had WIFI!!!!! I think it is coming from a pizza and pasta place in front of us where we just might go for dinner.

I copied my friend Rae’s idea and bought a Starbucks card in hopes I could get two hours of free WIFI a day from them but when I signed up I was placed in an endless loop of Starbucks home page to the signup page and back to the home page. Nobody in the store knew anything about it so I gave up after an hour of frustration!

Anyway, it is 7:00 PM here in Anderson and it is still 70 degrees outside! We will be sleeping without all our quilts piled on top of us tonight and will be able to have the windows open. Life is good!


  1. Sounds like the Starbucks setup in the States is different than in Canada. :( Here, you don't even have to buy anything, just sign up for a free online account. I had one because I usually have quite a few gift cards to manage, but it's not required to have cards to open the account.

    I remember that when I went to sign up for the free wi-fi, it took a while for the hot spot to recognize my address. I ended up closing my browser (clearing the cache) and then relaunching.

    It's warm here, too, albeit WET. All of 12 degrees. I am not complaining. :)

  2. Croft, try and pick yourself up one of these while in the U.S...

    We won't travel without is invaluable for picking up unsecured wi-fi signals.

  3. I know this sounds silly, but can people see you on their internet connection if you link to an unsecured site? Just curious.

  4. I have looked at those before Kevin. I may try to find one here in Yuma for a reasonable price.

    Yes, people can see that you are on their connection. If they do not bother to put a password in then I assume they do not mind sharing and I do not abuse the privilege so all should be well. My connection at home is unsecured so if someone wants to use it to pick up their email or post a Blog entry, I don't mind.