Saturday, October 10, 2009

Best Laid Schemes

The best-laid schemes o' mice an men
Gang aft agley!
-Robert Burns

The plan was to spend a couple of days at Brooks and Linda's new house in Shawnigan Lake. We loaded Norma's car up and headed merrily down the highway at around 2:00 on Friday. We made it as far as Nanaimo when I noticed the temperature gauge pegged on "Hot" and steam coming from under the hood.

We limped to Ladysmith by pouring water over the radiator every few kilometers and found a gas station that actually has a mechanic. He checked a few things and told us he could fix it but it would not be ready until Tuesday. Our son came and picked us up so we will be here a couple of days longer than planned. That's OK because he feeds us well and I think Linda likes us.

This is the first time we have seen their new place. The house is almost new, on 12 acres with 100 feet of river frontage and has a huge shop for their fencing business. They are renting for now but the owner has agreed to sell it to them if the business continues to grow as it has been. Maybe they will let me live here when I am old!

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  1. Something tells me with your attitude? you will never be "old"

    keep up the great blogs!!