Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bloggers I Have Met

About a year ago I started noticing something about us Bloggers. As you follow Bloggers and their Blogs you seem to get a deeper understanding of the people than would normally be the case with a few brief face to face meetings.

The first Bloggers we met in person were Brenda and Roy in Guaymas, MX. They were exactly as I imagined them to be and I liked them right away. Although from diverse backgrounds, we had much in common and hit it off right away.

Next was Filipe in Patzcuaro. As soon as we walked up to the sidewalk cafe where we were to meet, I recognized him and it almost felt like we were old friends. He is exactly the same rogue in person as he is on his Blog! We enjoyed his company immensely!

Kathe, whose Life's Adventures Blog I had been following for several years and who was actually responsible for giving me the inspiration and confidence for our first motorhome venture into Mexico was also exactly as I imagined her to be. Only a few minutes after meeting her she invited us to boondock on her beautiful property on the Caribbean Sea outside of Chetumal. She was exactly the person I had imagined her to be.

Jonna and Mimi of the Blah...Blah...Blah...Ginger! Blog were next. We met them in the RV park in Merida where we found ourselves parked side by side. Again although from very diverse backgrounds (a retired Canadian telephone guy and two cops from San Francisco!), we hit it off right away and we will be visiting them again this winter.

Chris of the Living And Boondocking In Mexico Blog exceeded my image of him! We called him after having our incident with the low overpass in Monterrey and within minuted he was there, offering his help and fluent Spanish to deal with the bureaucracy of Mexican Insurance. He then made us very welcome in his adopted city and spent two days showing us around. It was as if we had known him for years!

Now we have finally met Rae of the Travels With Miranda Blog. Rae is a full time RVer embarking on a great adventure. Someone pointed her Blog out to me and I started following her with interest as she made her way across Canada. We corresponded a few times when she was having battery problems and when she mentioned that she would like to spend the winter on Vancouver Island, I felt I knew her well enough to offer our RV pad to her. She pulled in yesterday and once more it was like old friends meeting. She is exactly as I pictured her and I know our house will be in good hands this winter.

So my record is perfect. I have never met a Blogger I didn't like! We are going to try to get together with John Calypso in Veracruz and Paul in Merida this year and I am sure I can keep this trend going! I will report.


As my friend Les and his Journey Of A Lifetime Begins Blog points out, I forgot him! Les has been a great help to us, offering help and encouragement for all our ventures into Mexico. He has been heading down there for many years, knows the country well and is always eager to share. His help made our trips down there much easier. We will be visiting him and Sara in San Miguel de Allende this year. Thanks Les!

I was also reminded that I forgot Tioga George! Now I am really showing my age! How could I forget George and the team, the most famous Blogger of all time? We ran into George twice in Mexico and had a great visit each time, we even got to meet Boid once. I always look forward to seeing George and I am sure our paths will cross again...


  1. I agree that everyone we've met through blogs have been great people and pretty much just as they present themselves online. You and Norma are among those and we loved meeting you too. See you soon,

  2. I can say that Croft is exactly the same in person as he is in writing. ;)

  3. What the infamous Mexicokid doesn';t rate a mention????????????

  4. We enjoyed meeting you too. We have noticed that when meeting fellow bloggers there is not the uncomfortable first beginning conversation as you already know a lot about the person/people.
    Are you passing through Guaymas this year or are you crossing elsewhere? If you pass through let us know and we will go for a coffee or something again.
    Happy trails.

  5. What about us newbies on the blog scene? Don't we deserve a small mention?

  6. ... correction we have not met yet, I re-read your blog, sorry about that.
    but we will!!!!

  7. We had a great time and it is always a pleasure to help someone out.

    We are expecting more company this winter and they are bloggers too. I wont spill the beans yet.