Sunday, October 4, 2009

Table Saw

How much can a 12 X 12 workshop hold? Answer - It depends.

We cleared so much "stuff" out of the workshop and into Norma's new garden shed that I was now able to buy myself a little treat! I have been wishing I had a table saw ever since we bought the house in 1989 but never thought I had room. Also, I had it in my mind that they were expensive and hard to justify for the few times a year I needed one so I made do with my Skill Saw and jig saw. This included putting a laminate floor and new trim in the lower TV room and up the stairs into the living area. It would have been so much easier with a table saw.

Yesterday I was surfing the Net and found a 10" Ryobi table saw on sale at Home Depot for $109, including blade. This is not a saw that you could build a house with or easily rip a sheet of 3/4" plywood with but for what I need it for, it is perfect.

This morning I went down and picked one up. It came in pieces of course and took me a good hour to put together like an old Meccano set. Remember those? It is powered by a noisy 13 Amp motor but it works just fine. I ripped a small piece of plywood and cut the end off a scrap of trim. Perfect! I cut a piece of plywood for the top of it and now it is also a table for the Compound Mitre Saw that my son gave me last year. It takes up no more room than the mitre saw took up sitting on the Black & Decker Workmate that can now fold up and hang on the wall (if I can get enough rust off it to get it to fold).

Now I can sit and watch TV knowing that if I ever get around to checking the job jar, I will have a table saw to do the jobs with. And Rae, it will be perfect for your list of winter projects in the motorhome! Life is Good!


  1. Use a push stick and save the fingers hombre! Sell EVERYTHING and move to Mexico!

    I'm saving a pair of rose colored sunglasses for you amigo.

  2. Thanks John! The idea of moving is becoming more appealing every day.

    I will take your push stick advice to heart. I did not install the guard as it covers up my cutting line.

  3. Croft, you're too good to me! ;)

    I second the push stick!