Saturday, October 31, 2009

Olive Pit

We are in Corning, CA at the Olive Pit. This place is like a candy store for olive lovers. There are dozens (maybe hundreds) of stuffed olives for sale and all are available for free sampling! This is a regular stop for us and we usually stock up with enough so we have plenty to take back to Canada in the Spring.

I got an oil and lube this morning at WalMart. Lube and oil change with full Castrol Synthetic for under $74. A bargain compared to what I pay ion Canada. The engine seems to like it as well. It has never had synthetic and is purring like a kitten. It is hard to hold it under 65.

The weather is perfect and it is 350 miles to Bakersfield. We shall see how close we get today.


  1. wow you guys waste no time getting down there! im impressed!!!

  2. Hi Croft. I am green with envy !! We wish you safe travels, and tons of fun. I just came back from checking up on the "LilyPad". She looks awful sad, sitting in a pile of snow. Everything looks good, and no mice, so we are thankful for that !! Anyway, we will have to experience Mexico thru your eyes this year, so keep up the excellent posting, please !! Take care, Trent and Teresa

  3. Ooh, you're entering an area that I remember well. Such beautiful country out there. Mind the hills! :)

    (I know one pit stop in California I won't be making! *g*)