Monday, October 5, 2009

Project Warm Hearts

A couple of years ago Wayne on Isla Mujeres started encouraging folks to knit mittens and scarves to warm the heads and hands of children in a small Mexican village called Xico in the Mexican State of Veracruz. Wayne has coordinated distribution with John & Anita Calypso who live in Xico. Veracruz is on the Gulf of Mexico but the village of Xico is in the Sirrea Madre mountain range to the west and it can get very cold there and cold weather is a shock to these children living in the Tropics. Last year Project Warm Hearts was met with an enthusiastic response and collections poured in. However, it was not long before the Mexican Government started estimating a value and charging duty on these imported items making this plan no longer workable.

Wayne & John are still carrying on with Project Warm Hearts, but now the best way for us to help out is to donate cash that can be converted locally to warm clothing and toys for the Holiday Season to help out the needy kids of the village many of whom will not be getting anything else for Christmas.

John has a PayPal button on the bottom left of his Blog, Viva Veracruz. If you would like to help the kids of Ursulo Galvan and Xico area please consider a donation. The note beside the PayPal button says make a donation to keep the server running so please note that your donations at this time are intended for Project Warm Hearts and that is where they will go. I know there are many deserving charities and not that much money to go around but if you have ever seen a Mexican child react to cold weather you will not be able to stop yourself from helping out. If you can spare a few dollars for Wayne, John and Anita’s efforts, please donate. There is nothing quite like the smile on a Mexican child's face. Thanks.


  1. Gracias Hombre for the comments and the donation.

  2. Thank YOU for what you are doing for these folks!