Sunday, October 18, 2009

Clear Cutting Rose Bushes

When Rae asked if it would be OK to show up early for her winter parking spot, little did she know that Norma would be putting her to work right away! Today we finished a low concrete block wall between us and the condo next door. This involved much carrying, lifting, placing and leveling. After a couple of hours the job was finished.

Then they tackled the job of cutting Norma's rose bushes back for the winter. The rose bushes had been allowed to grow about eight or ten feet feet high so it was quite a job taming them! Our unsuspecting guest finished with many scratches and scars to show for her efforts!

Here are the two of them playing tug of war with a vine.

I had the job of cheering on the BC Lions who are now tied with Winipeg at half time.


  1. Hi Croft and Rae,
    Glad to hear everything is going well. No offense Rae but I'm looking forward to Croft and Norma's adventures. I'm sorry we missed you in Whistler Rae hopefuly we'll meet up sometime.

  2. Nice work; sitting watching tv while the ladies work. Hope you had a hand free for a beer as well! LOL

    Have you ever heard of Ted and Sharon Forbes of Sooke, BC? Got an email from a friend with pictures of their collection of 50's cars. Fantastic collection!

    Have fun in Mexico!

  3. Unless fenced I've never seen the attraction of roses. That is thinking like a kid and having kids that get stuck or step on the old thorns. Maybe an old English garden