Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Time Is Flying!

It is less than three weeks before we leave! Time flies when you are having fun. Today I installed two scissor jacks on the rear frame of the motorhome. I am hoping it will help level it when we are parked. I have been running it up in blocks until now but that is not a very exact science. Hopefully the jacks will work out better.

I could install an automatic leveling system where I just push a button and it puts down four independent hydraulic jacks and levels itself but that system is several thousand dollars and not something I want to do right now.

My niece Robin called the other night to tell me her and George are heading for Mazatlan on the 20th. For a while it looked like George had a fibre optics contract in Toronto area and that they would be spending the winter there! The job fell through and now they can go to Mexico. A much better place to spend the winter!

We will head down I-5 and over to Yuma where we will visit friends and have the generator serviced. From Yuma we will cross into Mexico at Lukeville / Sonoita and head south as far as Mazatlan to visit Robin and George for a few days. From there I would like to head east to Durango and then south. After that I refuse to make any plans because we much prefer to make up our itinerary as we go. Right now I am only looking as far as the Olive Pit in Corning, CA where I will stock up on garlic olives and walk across the street to a discount liquor store where I found some very nice single malt scotch last year.

In the meantime there is lots to do....


  1. I envy you for being able to leave soon, we have to wait one more year! And to top it off, it's snowing like crazy out here in Alberta...yuk!!!

  2. You wouldn't want to plan too far ahead, it spoils all the surprises. Knowing where the good liquor stores are is important though! Have a small one for me.