Monday, October 26, 2009

Loading Day

Today we transform the motorhome from a bright, freshly washed underweight rig to a bright, freshly washed overweight rig! It will be a tough job but Norma has all her clothes neatly piled in 5 huge plastic bins that fit under the bed and enough canned food to keep a small nation from starvation for a couple of days laid out and ready to go into the pantry and overhead cupboards. I have to sort out the liquor cabinet as there is no use taking liquor into the USA where it is half the price of Canadian.

My other job is to climb up on the roof with the hose and clean out the gutters for the last time this year. I will be complaining of a sore back later today, but this all means we are getting close! The adventure awaits!

As Rae pointed out I also had to park the Mazda where it would be out of the way. This involved driving it between Rae's motorhome and Norma's garden shed. It was not as big a deal as the two women made it out to be. I had more than five centimeters clearance on each side. Piece of cake!


  1. It's not your home or car that risked major crunching! HMPH!

  2. I could have done it at twenty miles an hour. Men have a "Driving Gene"!

  3. The worst part is that I can't disagree with that! :(

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