Saturday, May 14, 2011

Conspiracies, Conspiracies!

I am currently mulling over the two latest conspiracy theories. As you know, I am not one who is ready to dismiss these theories, holding onto the “Who Killed JFK” and the “Who Killed Martin Luther King” conspiracies like Charlton Heston held onto his gun.

The first is “The Stanley Cup Conspiracy”. This theory states that the NHL, in collaboration with the USA Media, wants a Stanley Cup final between two USA teams. The majority of the entertainment money comes from American fans and they will not want to buy pizza and beer to watch a Canadian team play (and watch all the commercials). An even worse scenario for the US media profiteers would be two Canadian teams playing in the finals! To this end, they have to eliminate the Vancouver Canucks as early as possible. Proponents of this conspiracy see these efforts come to fruition in unbalanced officiating in the last series against Nashville. The Canucks prevailed in that series and now the pressure is really on the officials for the next, and final, elimination series. Hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising revenue is at stake. This is a pity seeing hockey is a Canadian sport.

The second current Conspiracy is the “American Idol Conspiracy”. In this theory, the organizers are under immense pressure to make sure a woman wins this season. After Haley Reinhart’s spellbinding performance of “I Who Have Nothing” last night, I think she has a very good chance of winning on her own merits but I also think that James Durbin had the best voice and stage persona of all of them. He was eliminated tonight. This leaves Scotty McCreery as the last “man” standing. He is a great kid with a great voice but unfortunately is a One Trick Pony in that he is Country and does not do all that well in other genres. This leaves the women in the best position to pull off a win.

Just my humble opinions. Go Canucks!


  1. Big celebration today in Santa Cruz for local boy James Durbin. Go Sharks!

  2. Hi Jan! Yes James is a born entertainer!