Friday, May 13, 2011

Musical TV's

We bought two new TV's on our way home this year and that created a bit of a traffic jam once we got home. One of the new ones, a 26", was destined for the front of the motorhome replacing the 20" Sharp that we have found to be a little too small. However, when I tried to install the new one, it did not fit. I would have had to move the swivel mount over so far that it would have interfered with Norma's route to and from her seat in the front and she would have soon smacked her head on it, possibly damaging the TV. ;) The smaller of the new pair was still an inch larger than the one that was in the front of the RV so I made that swap. The new 26' went into the kitchen and the older 20" flat screen that was there went into the spare bedroom replacing an old fashioned monster 26" that took up the entire top of the dresser. The 20" Sharp I removed from the motorhome went into the office replacing a 14" old style that had been Norma's dad's in the nursing home. We now had two "spare" old style TV's, one of which weighs about 100 pounds and takes up a lot of room.

I placed an ad on Craig's List for a "free" 26" TV and got two inquiries within ten minutes! People must monitor these ads! I contacted the first response and they had a grandson who had a new game machine but no TV in his room to hook it to and whose mom could not afford one. He came by and between the two of us, we got it into the back seat of his van with no room to spare.

We have gotten rid of a lot of "stuff" by way of the "free" section of Craig's list, including an old black and white enlarger setup I used in the 60's and the old bathroom sink and cabinet when we did the en suite remodel last year. It is far better than throwing this unwanted stuff away and it all seems to go to good homes. We still have the spare 14" and I may try to make room for that one in the motorhome so I can watch TV outside the odd time. Some of the larger RV's come with a TV built into one of the storage bays and they seem to get a lot of use. Mine will be stored away and brought when we want (like for major sports days).

That lead to re-evaluating our Starchoice receiver situation. We are allowed six receivers on our account and we have seven TV's. Two TV's are in the motorhome, one in the TV room, one in the kitchen, one in the master bedroom, one in the spare bedroom and one in the office! The office and spare bedroom share one receiver that sits in the office but can be moved back and forth if and when needed. Only two of the receivers are HD and only one of those has a recorder built in. All seven TV's are HD so are seriously technologically deprived! Norma wants a recorder/receiver in the bedroom so that means getting rid of one of the non HD receivers. I priced out the new receivers and they are almost $500 after taxes so that change will have to wait a bit. The displaced non HD receiver will get sold on Craig's List where they are going for $50 or so.

Musical chairs, anyone!

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