Monday, May 2, 2011

Election Night in Canada

Today we voted! We voted NDP, as usual. The big difference is, this time the NDP has a shot! They will come either first or second (probably second) and then the third place "Liberals" will have to choose to prop up either the "Conservitives" whom they profess to hate or the NDP, whom they claim to be on the "left" with. I think when the chips are down, the Liberals will support the Conservatives. They will not accept playing second fiddle to Jack Layton's NDP and Jack (thankfully) will not hand the Prime Minister's seat to the "I'm Proud To Be An American" Ignatieff.

The Liberals are not that different from the conservatives anyway. They have always campaigned from the left and governed from the right. They will make good bedfellows for the Tories.

I have been trying to get some of the eastern results on Twitter but Canada's censorship laws seem to have reached even into Twitter's world. It is OK to Tweet from a war zone or from a revolution but to share election results in a so called free country? Never!

It will be an interesting night! Almost as much fun as hockey.


  1. More fun than hockey and I am sure glad to see that the Conservatives will only need your parties contributions as a loyal opposition.

  2. Spoken like a true Albertan, JB! Come out to BC for a visit, it will change your outlook on life!