Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lazy Days!

We were very ambitious in our "back Home" plans but in reality, we have done very little! We unloaded all the food and liquor from the motorhome and stored it in the house and now Norma has to start working on her clothes! Her problem, although she would never admit it, is that she simply has too many clothes. "My" portion of the bedroom closet has slowly been reduced to about 10% of it's capacity and she has also filled up one of the spare bedroom closets. Both closets in the motorhome are crammed full as is the entire space under the bed and about 1/2 of "my" cupboard over the bed. She has a crisis!

The Canucks have made it into the second round of the Stanley Cup finals so that is keeping me busy every second night. Updating the two desktop computers and backing up photos from the trip is giving me something to do during the days. Time is going by but my body's "batteries" are being recharged at the same time so it is not time lost.

I have booked a cheap flight to visit my sister in Kitchener, Ontario in June so I am looking forward to that. We have not seen each other in two years which is too long a time. Hopefully her kids will be able to make a visit at the same time so I can see everyone. I have been watching for a seat sale to save some money and last night I was checking and found a seat out for $50 and a return nine days later for $100. Of course they add "taxes" of over $150 each way but it was still a good deal for $433 total. It is with Sunwing Charters so I know I will have only about 12" legroom for my 6' 4" body but I can put up with that. The flight out is an all-nighter but I should be able to get at least some sleep on the plane. Seeing my favorite sister will make up for any inconveniences!

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  1. As for the closets, I've got one too! Every week there is a promise to "get right on it when the weekend comes".

    I keep saying, one thing in, one thing out. I must be speaking in tongues!