Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Washing Day and More Solar

I washed the motorhome today. There was an opening between rain showers so I went at it, taking advantage of the rain softened dirt and bug juice. It did not take that long and after it was clean we parked it in the RV spot beside the workshop and garden shed. The insurance expires in a couple of days so we put storage insurance on it as we do not anticipate using it this summer. If we do we can put temporary insurance on it for about $30 per day or just cancel the storage insurance and buy the regular kind. Except for a couple of coats of wax, I have no maintenance plans for it this summer.

We (I) came to the conclusion that I would like an additional solar panel on the roof but I would have to find a very good sale up here in Canada to equal the price I can get one for in the USA. I am no good at power management. It is on my wish list. Maybe if the Market picks up...

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