Saturday, May 14, 2011

Motorhome Repairs

The motorhome has an outside entertainment center consisting of a car radio/CD player, speakers, AC/DC power outlet and TV hookup. While we were in the USA the CD player quit functioning. I should have replaced the radio while we were in the States as they are much cheaper down there. I hesitated because I had never played with car radios before and was not sure what was involved or what tools I might need.

A couple of days ago I picked up a cheap Alpine brand radio at The Future Shop in Courtenay and talked to my friend Brian who knows pretty much everything to do with vehicles. I did not want to invest too much as this compartment has gotten wet a couple of times in driving rain to that side of the motorhome. That may be what killed the original unit.

With my renewed confidence I pulled the old radio out and cut the wiring harness connecting it to the RV. I spliced all the wires which was easy because there is evidently a standard for wire colours. Every radio made uses the same colours for speaker leads, etc. The new radio works perfectly as well as having a more powerful amplifier. It sounds great and we can once again have background music for our Mexican “Happy Hours”. I am now an expert in one more thing!

The hardest part of the job was working around the constant rain showers that have plagued us since we got home!

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