Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Game Two - Same As Game One!

Our orcas are developing a taste for Shark meat!

It was a lopsided win for Vancouver after a very close first two periods. Our friend Les was up from Nanaimo to watch the game with me. He was trying to cheer for San Jose but did not get many chances. Too bad, Les!

He brought his motorhome up for me to help him with a couple of very minor repairs and the installation of a gismo that uses the solar panel to keep the engine battery from going dead when it is parked for extended periods. I had installed one in my rig a couple of years ago and still remembered how to do it. It was pretty easy but it involved crawling under the motorhome to run some wires from the engine compartment to the battery compartment. As I tried to slide under the truck I came up a little short because my stomach would not quite make it. We had to run the motorhome up on some blocks to make room for me and Les, to his credit, managed to keep his laughter under control!

We finished in time for Les to take us down to the dock for fish and chips before the game started. It was a nice day and we were able to sit outside to eat. This is probably the first day this year that we could have done this!

It is always more fun to watch the game with a friend. Specially when the Canucks win! The series now travels to San Jose where Vancouver has to win at least one of the two games. No problem! Life is good!


  1. I'm not sure that was Shark meat that your Orcas were eating......I think the minnows showed up instead. Hopefully the Shark tank will produce the real Sharks and we can make this respectable. Two wins at home and we are back in business. Go Sharks!

  2. The Canucks did make mince meat out that shark meat. Yeah! Hope the Canuckians can keep at it and take the series while in California.

    Nice work on the trickle charger.