Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The "Other" Series

I am cheering TB Lightening tonight to tie the series then cheering Boston in game 7 because I would rather see them play the Canucks (I think). Either way I want Tampa Bay and Boston to beat each other up before their series is over!
Scalpers are already selling Stanley Cup tickets for $3000 each. One Vancouver hotel is waiting for the dates of the games to be announced and will be offering a suite with two tickets. They have not determined the price yet but better check the limit on your credit card.


  1. You better enjoy the rest,,my big bad Bruins are gunning for some Orcas'''' or maybe my Lightening fast bolts will blast through the sea of blue....don't start that guest blog just yet!!!!!Les

  2. Rest Orcas rest.....

  3. Jan, I thought you and Whit might be up to grab one of those two ticket suites!

    Maybe we will see you guys in Mexico next winter.... More Tequila Happy Hours!!!

  4. No to the suite, yes to Mexico and Tequila Happy Hours. Let's keep in touch and see if we can't meet up somewhere next winter. Hope your team wins it all.