Monday, March 11, 2013

3:30 AM

It is BLOWING!! It started about an hour ago with some rocking and rolling. We got up and brought the slide in and I went outside to close the bedroom window with the broken crank. It has not let up and the bed is shaking too much to sleep. says it is currently blowing 31 mph out of the north but I think it is a little behind the times and is actually much more than that. Weather Underground has their "Blowing Sand" warning that I hate to see up again.

Weather Underground has just updated to 37 mph at 6:00 AM. The gusts are much more than that!

What's it doing up on the Texas side of the Gulf, Rae?


  1. It blew a bit around bedtime last night, then went calm as far as I can tell since I slept very soundly.

    37MPH is practically a breeze here. :)

    1. That is why I am doubting their figures. We get big winds at home as well and this does not feel that much different. I would put them at 50 or more.

  2. Lots of wind here the last few days and cool. Gusts here to 35......inside weather.