Friday, March 8, 2013

Our Guard Dog

This friendly girl belongs to the night watchman. Promptly at 6:00 PM the watchman arrives and sets up at the entrance to the park. His dog then runs down the 1/4 mile road to where we are parked, lays down near our steps and guards us all night! She works cheap, one cookie per night and the odd head scratch. She gives a single, short bark when anything approaches that she does not approve of. Early the next morning the watchman drives his car down to the beach and the dog jumps in, her shift over.

Today she showed up at noon as the watchman has been hired to do some maintenance work around the pool. Being here in the daylight gave me a chance to take her photo. I can highly recommend her. She does a great job.

Norma went over to some of the workers this morning and asked them if they would wash the motorhome on Sunday for some extra cash as it is covered with salt spray. No problem! She then tried to ask about the poor water pressure and if they could get enough pressure to do the job. They said not to worry. I hope they have a trick up their sleeve as the lawns are watered with sea water and that outlet has tons of pressure. Please don't wash the rig with sea water!


  1. Now that's a dog after my own heart. A REAL dog with a job. Nice to see!

    1. In Mexico, everyone works. Even the dogs.

  2. The international friend of all. And, the price is right.

  3. Norma cleaned out the fridge tonight. I think this poor little dog just had the biggest meal of her life and she licked up every morsel!