Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cloudy, 30% Chance Of Rain

That is the forecast for today in Veracruz and it does not appear to be getting much better in the short term. So, we will move a little north to the Emerald Coast. It does not look much better there but there is no suggestion of rain. We are on our way home so we will take the weather as it comes.

The wind blew most of the day yesterday and of course, being close to the very salty Gulf, we are coated with salt and cannot easily see out of the windshield or side windows on the water side! Hopefully there will be a car wash along the way that has a parking area big enough for the motorhome.

It looks like a 210 KM drive today so that will be about 3 or 4  hours on the coastal roads. An easy day. Talk to you soon. Life is Good!


  1. You must be a west coast guy to try your best to avoid rain. I'm with you on that score!

  2. 70% chance of sunshine, but I think the rain might help wash the salt off.