Friday, March 22, 2013

Blue Screen of Death

That was scary! I just got the Blue Screen of Death and my computer shut down and would not restart. It offered to do a "Startup Repair", buzzed along for a while and then told me it had to restore from a previous set point. A few minutes later it restarted and all seems normal!

I hate it when these things happen!


  1. Damn computers. If they ever perfect them, they sure will sell a lot of them!

  2. I get that often! My husband likes to run the battery down until the computer shuts it's self off - then he looks at me and says - "The computer just crashed!" Ugh! I freak until he says "Oh - right - the battery is dead." grrrrrrrrrr

    1. No, I have it plugged into the inverter all the time.

  3. It could be overheating. My Toshiba did that a few times last fall, and once this winter. Some canned air cleared it up for a while. The air inlet for the fan was completely blocked with lint the first time it gave me the Blue Screen.