Sunday, March 24, 2013

Campestre Monte Sur

We arrived here at about four after taking the mountain road (Mex 58) from Mex 57 over to Linares. Chris worried that the road might bother us but being from BC, we are used to mountain driving and this road was not bad at all! The first half was really good and it was actually hard to keep under the 100 KPH speed limit. It then got a little rough and the little Induction Stove we store in the overhead area fell. It might have been seriously damaged if it had not hit Norma on the way down but luckily, it survived! Oh yes, Norma has a nice bruise on her arm and shoulder but she will heal ;)

Here is part of a group of maybe a hundred horsemen on the road. These are real cowboys, no rhinestones here!

We had a little difficulty finding the RV park as the entrance is not at KM 196 like their webpage says but at KM 195 so we drove past the entrance before we even started looking for it. After a couple of kilometers we asked a cop who told us it two kilometers further up the road. Wrong directions! Three kilometers later we stopped at a Pemex and another customer sent us back in the right direction.

We pulled up to the gate and the guard, who was expecting us, sent us over to where Chris and Juan were parked and had saved a spot for us. We are staying for free as Chris and Juan had some complimentary guest passes they let us use but the rates here are very reasonable. You have to know a member to get in but the cost for overnight parking is only 65 pesos per person per night and includes access to the pools. We have low amperage power but no other hookups. This is fine because it is cool enough that we do not need A/C. I understand there is a dump station for us to use when we leave.

We will stay a few days and get ready for our return to the USA.

Another RV'er had problems crossing into Texas at Columbia Crossing on Friday so I am trying to get some details. It looks like they have changed where RV's enter AGAIN. They were forced to back up out of the lane they were in and go somewhere else. We cannot back up because of the dolly so we have to know in advance which lane or entry point we have to use. This will be the third change in five years that we know of. Sometimes we have to use the car lanes and other times, the commercial truck entrance. They never put up signs or lane markings and then they get angry when we guess the wrong one. I wrote a letter of complaint last year and got a nice reply thanking me for pointing out the problem. It evidently did not help.

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  1. Please say hola to Chris & Juan for us.

    Crossing into Mexico at the Columbia Crossing we had to unhook and back up, they gave us no option.