Sunday, March 31, 2013

Parked For The Night

We are parked in our favorite Pemex between Monterrey and Neuvo Laredo. It is very hot (over 100F) but the restaurant is cool and they have a salad bar for 39 pesos. We will gas up in the morning and head out fairly early.

Here we are at our farewell seafood dinner last night at Arturo's in El Alamo. Great meal for a great price. I had to arm wrestle Juan for the bill. I will let him win when we are at a more expensive place next year!


  1. You all look good. Hopefully you'll be able to continue wearing summer clothes all the way home. It's 22C in Kelowna today!

  2. You sure look like you're on vacation. Looking good! It was a beautiful Easter weekend in Campbell River. The thermometer on our deck was nearing the 25-degree mark, but today we are back to falling moisture and it looks like it'll stay that way for a few days. Enjoy your warm sunny weather while you can. Travel safe!