Tuesday, March 26, 2013


We are just relaxing here for a few days. It rained all night and into this morning but has stopped now. Chris and Juan have driven home for a few hours (they live 45 minutes away) to pick up some stuff and for Chris to download some work. He does editing and his work is emailed to him. We were talking about going out to a local restaurant after they get back later this afternoon.

My Banda Ancha expired last night and I tried to renew for a shorter time than the one month I usually renew for by giving Chris 200 pesos to apply to my account at an OXXO store, I then sent my text message but it tells me that selection is not valid. I am using my “gift” time which is used up very quickly at one peso per megabyte. I think I have about 800 pesos in that account. maybe I will get Chris or Juan to call Telcel for me later to see what my options are.

In the meantime, it is a lazy day. The park here is deserted for now but should start filling up as Semana Santa (Holy Week) starts Thursday and Mexicans flock to resorts and campgrounds. This usually means late night partying but one of the rules strictly enforced here it the 10:00 PM “Quiet Time” so we should be OK.

Ha! My Banda Ancha is working again. 1 GB for 7 days. 169 pesos. That should see us out of Mexico.

Photo blatantly stolen from Chris’ Blog:



  1. So far we have been lucky with the 10 p.m. rule. Let's hope it keeps up. One more thing, I don't like karaoke!