Sunday, March 10, 2013


It was about 85F yesterday and fairly humid but there is another wind storm forecast for Sunday so we jumped in the Honda and headed downtown. We were waved over to a free parking space by an enterprising car washer whom we told could wash the car and that gave us parking. I didn't know I told him to wash it but he did.40 pesos, not a big deal and the car is clean again.

All the interesting sights are within a four or so block radius so we started walking. It was Saturday noon and crowds were just starting to form. The beach restaurants were starting to fill up but we resisted, having been out for dinner twice in three days. We did however go for a very special coffee which I will save for a separate post.

It's OK, mom is selling jewelry on the street right beside her. She is enjoying the sights from a convenient shaded seating area.

We arrived back at the RV park to find three different groups starting parties, one with a Karaoke machine. Well, it being Mexico, the music went on all night. At sunrise they all went into their tents but both stereos got left on. They are still on but much louder. Mexico!


  1. You two didn't join in the Mexican all niter? Mexican or not, playing music all night long is quite a selfish act.

    Siestas will be the order of the day, I suppose.

  2. Yup - hard to get away from the loud Music in Mexico! Hmmmm quite the bus - haven't see that one before.

  3. What a creative way to keep the baby in place!