Thursday, March 7, 2013

Well, That Didn't Take Long!

You always dread the first ding on a car and I got mine today! We were in a car wash and when it was time to back out onto the street the car wash guy went behind me to wave traffic down and back me out. Well, I was too busy watching him and cranked the wheel too much and contacted a white painted wood pole in the driveway! Crap! Darn! Heck! (and a few other choice comments).

There was an eight inch long scratch and a whole lot of white paint just above the front drivers side tire.

We had to stop at Mega on the way home for a few groceries so I bought some combination rubbing compound & scratch remover. When we got home there was still a half hour or so of light so I read the instructions, dampened a small cloth and started rubbing (back and forth, not circular). In just a minute or so, most of the white paint was gone! I applied more compound to a clean part of the cloth and rubbed some more. All the white paint was gone! There was a small dent left but hardly noticeable! I gave it three coats of car wax and it is as good as it is going to get, just about perfect!

On the way home we stopped in a nice riverside restaurant in Boco del Rio. Norma had breaded shrimp and a glass of vino blanco and I had Pescado Veracruzana and a dark Victoria beer. Both dishes were really good and Norma actually finished all but two of her camerones! My Veracruzana sauce was perfect. Mild tomato base sauce with olive oil, onions, capers, olives and bay leaf. Perfect! Most times when I ordered this dish away from Veracruz it has been spicy. Spicy is not the way it should taste. It should be mild and flavorful, just like it was tonight! It was a little more expensive than last night but the meal (at least mine) was a lot better. The tab was 390 pesos ($32) with tip.


  1. Bet your heart stopped for a second there! Thankfully, that kind of contact involves only a bit of paint transfer and is no big deal.
    Remember when that happened to my car? ( I just used what I had on hand, Turtle Wax car soap with wax in it, plus a scrubby pad, and the car came out looking like new. Glad your paint job survived!

  2. OUCH! about the car - GREAT news about dinner - always nice when you are happy with what you ordered - right?! Esp at that price LOL.

  3. The dent in the car put a dent in your day but, it seems you found a good solution. Enjoying a fine dinner would top off the positive side of a troubling day.

  4. Too bad about that first dent, but at least you managed to make it almost disappear.

  5. I use a Magic Eraser from Mr.Clean. They always take the "other" paint off. For future, it works great and is cheap.