Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Friends We Never Met

All Bloggers have them. Members of the Blogging Community with whom we have "clicked" but have never met. Laurie and Odel are such friends. We read and commented on each others Blogs for a long time but never found ourselves in the same place at the same time.

Laurie and Odel stopped their RVing lifestyle about a year ago, shortly after Odel had knee surgery. I suspected at the time that driving might become difficult for him. They then announced they had set up housekeeping in Sacramento, CA. for the foreseeable future.

They are now selling their rig! Here it is. It is located in Sacramento, CA. Details on their Blog. Take a look, it has had a lot of upgrades and might be a fit for you.


  1. Well, hello Croft. Funny to see our well-loved motorhome showing up on your blog, one of the few RV'ing blogs I continue to read daily. :) I'm happy to say Odel's knee is currently pain-free, and we are back to daily walking and frequent hikes when weather permits. No, it is family responsibilities that have sidelined us for now - I have three wonderful 87+ year old women in my family within 3 miles of our current location. It just isn't the right time to be straying far from them, so it is vicarious travel for us for the time being. Your Mexican adventures fill the bill. :)

    Safe travels, Laurie

    1. I really miss catching up on your daily adventures Laurie! We took a year off to tend for Norma's 95 year old father and it was the hardest job I ever had! In his mind, he was 17 years old still living on the Isle of Man, racing motorcycles and had three girlfriends. Great life for him, not so much for us!

      You will get back on the road! There are too many places left to discover!