Friday, March 15, 2013

Still Here

On the Emerald Coast. It is very relaxing here and we are still by ourselves. We got the motorhome washed. We thought of doing it ourselves but the water pressure is so low, the thin stream that comes out of the hose does not reach the top of the motorhome. We hired the caretakers to do it and they hooked the hose up to the larger pump that supplies the showers and that did the trick. Unfortunately for them, the pump burned out just as they were finishing.

The lack of Internet is annoying and is making me lose track of my Blogging friends. The world is going on but I have lost touch of it! Norma is into the figure skating finals so we are staying at least one more day, maybe two.

From here it will be a lot of driving without RV parks as we head towards the border. We drive up the coast to Tampico where there is a complicated set of u-turns to get onto the truck by-pass heading towards San Luis Potosi. There is an abandoned restaurant just before Tampico where we parked last time we were here. Perhaps it is still available. Tampico is not a great place for RV’s as they have a law against “large vehicles” in town and many RV’ers were getting tickets. The u-turns and by-pass route provided in the Church’s book avoids this problem. We have been through here before and had no problem. There is a huge Pemex complex on the bypass road at San Luis Potosi that has a Pizza Hut and a Colonel Sanders Chicken place. From SLP we turn north on Mex. 57 towards Saltillo.

The weather here on the Gulf Coast is not great. It is pretty steady overcast. It rained for a few hours last night and that woke me up. It stopped at about 4:00. This was the first rain we have had here on the Emerald coast and the humidity has not been bad, so all in all, we have little to complain about. We still have the place to ourselves. There are workers here every day and it looks like they are getting ready for a much better year. They refinished the pool and put new stairs on the water slide. There was a truck load of large rocks delivered and yesterday a small crew laid out rocks defining the parking spaces followed by two young men with paint brushes painting all the rocks white. The layout will not work as it does not leave enough room for big rigs to turn onto the road out. Oh well, they will find out after many of the rocks are run over. The Neptuno RV park next door is also being worked on with new roofs on the palapas, pool work and all the buildings getting a new coat of paint. It is nice to see an investment being made in RV parks, this has not been the case where we have traveled this winter.

There is a nice beach here and I will have to walk down the short path to check it out. Maybe even dip my toes into the water. Last time we were here the Gulf was warmer than the pool. I also want to go to one of the local restaurants for a feed of fried camerones, I have a craving! It is nice to just sit back and relax for a few days.

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  1. Get that craving taken care of soon, then hit the road, travel safely.