Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Crossing The Suwanee River

Yesterday we crossed the Suwanee River made famous by Stephen Foster and Al Jolson, although neither of them knew how to spell the name of the river they made famous. The song was re-written to a more politically correct version in 2008, but the spelling error was not corrected.

We continued down the secondary road to the turnoff onto the narrow road to Cedar Key. We found the friendly but cramped Sunset Isle RV Park and Motel and checked in for the week. As soon as we arrived a downpour started and I got soaked hooking up just the basics. A few minutes later it stopped and the sun tried to peek out so I found a spot behind the rig and set up the StarChoice dish. I aimed it in the general direction and Norma started yelling that there were flashes of green signal! I turned it a degree or two and there it was, a signal of 95, one of the best we have had.

Not long after one of the sunsets the Key is famous for started to form so I took the camera out onto one of the little docks. A couple of doors down I noticed another couple on another dock whom I recognized as Chris and Cherie of their Blog Technomadia so I walked over to introduce myself. They were in a rush to go to put on a discussion group on "Working On The Road" and they invited me to join them. Well, I don't work on or off the road so I politely declined. We will see them again.

From a 1938 Postcard:

Sunset and RV park photos to follow.

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  1. That is a beautiful river we camped at The Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park a few years ago and loved the area.