Thursday, January 2, 2014

Mobile in Mobile

We added a day to our New Orleans stay because we just did not feel like packing up on New Years Day plus it was raining on and off all day. This morning was clear so we headed out, taking US 90, a far more interesting road than I-10. It was a leisurely drive along the coast to Bay St. Louis, MS where we stopped for lunch and groceries. I like this town and would liked to have been able to spend a day there but we pushed on.

We drove past the Cajun RV Park in Biloxi where we stayed for a week a few years ago and considered stopping again. The last time we were here we saw pretty much all there was to see with the exception of "Beauvoir", the Jefferson Davis Home and Presidential Library. Jefferson Davis was President of The Confederate States Of America throughout the entire Civil War. The last time we were here the Library was closed for renovations. 

We followed US 90 for a while longer before switching over to I-10 near Mobile, Alabama, We checked into the Shady Acres RV Park at $130 for the week. There is lots to see in and around Mobile so we will keep busy.

We spent a while attempting to find the StarChoice signal before giving up for the night. All the RV parks down here brag about the shade they provide guests but the trees providing this shade block out the view to the satellite in most spots, ours included. The only possible spot for a signal was right on the edge of the paved driveway in front of us and the yelling back and forth method of finding the signal was not working so I drove down to Walmart and bought a cheap $99 TV so I could look at the setup screen as I was tweaking the dish. It did not work, the signal still eluded me. I am not sure what I will do. Maybe I will walk around the park tomorrow and see if there is an empty spot with a clear view to the West. 

We will drive into town tomorrow. The adventure continues.


  1. So, now three TV's in your rig? LOL. We'll buy it from you for $50 since the Wood Clan is without a TV. We drove through Mobile with it's pouring rain two years ago so it will be nice to see what you find there. Put a sweater on tomorrow, 7C - ouch! And 3C next Tuesday. What is up with this weather!

  2. Yes, three TV's now. Cassia can one of then just for watching cartoons! I needed one for outside and un-mounting one from the wall just would not work. What is with this cold front! We will be pulling out the long undies while you are sweating in the Mexican rain forests!

  3. Warmish but wet in the lower mainland. Imagine, no TV, you might actually have to talk to each other. Teehee.

  4. Just return that $99.00 TV to the store! Croft you are somewhat obsessed with setting up that dish :))

  5. Some suggest obsession - I think your high tech efforts are cool and parallel my own ;-) Keep on truckin' amigo ;-)

    Happy New Year

  6. Good luck with the dish, we have an excellent signal finder works great for us. Had a small Tv just sold last year for 5 bucks (if I hadda known).
    Enjoy that area we spent a lot of time moving about there last year.

  7. If we ever find a place that is actually warm, we could hook the new TV to the outside Entertainment Center.

  8. guys aren't finding the good weather. That little TV is not a bad idea when it comes to setting up the dish. Mind you, two way radios could be a good alternative to shouting from a distance. We've used our radios a few times when we needed to set up the sat dish a good distance way from our fiver.

    1. There is always a lag between the watcher seeing it get better, converting that thought into words and the setter-upper hearing the words, processing them and sending the "stop" order to the hands. By then the better signal is long past. ;)

      We do have walkie talkies and have tried them in the past. Better than yelling but not as good as a TV.