Tuesday, January 21, 2014

"__it Happens"

As The Boondocks said in a comment in the last Blog!

It could have been worse.

We got a call at just after nine this morning telling us the dolly was ready. Norma was off looking for a nail job so I told them we would be there in a couple of hours. Everything was ready. They replaced one bearing and re-packed the other. There was a problem with the electric brake as well and the drum fell off when he took the wheel off. The drum is ruined (not from falling off, not sure why or how) and since dolly's do not require brakes in Florida, no one has parts. I will be without trailer brakes (like everyone else in Florida and most other States). Maybe I will see what it costs to get it fixed in Lakeland. I am not sure if the brake problem is associated with the bearing failure of not. The mechanic said the bearing had been running with no grease.

The bill was $250, two hours labour at $70 and $100 in parts, plus tax. A fair deal. If you are passing through Perry, FL and need work done done, give Yarbough Tire Company (they do other stuff) a call. They were great with us, took us right in, showed concern and had us back on our way in hours. The mechanic took the time to tell us everything he did and to make sure we were comfortable with no dolly brakes.

Thanks guys!


  1. The winter of vehicle problems for both of us! Sheesh - hopefully no more or it will seriously cut into our beer fund!

  2. Good luck with getting the brakes fixed after leaving florida.

  3. "t has been one of those years..."

    I was just thinking - wow Croft has had some hassles this years - and expensive ones at that. Well hopefully you are through plowing dough into maintenance. We'll keep the nightlight burning for you amigo. ;-)

    1. We have almost spent whole (shorter) winters on the road for less money than we have paid in repairs this year! Like I say, it has been one of those years.