Thursday, January 23, 2014

Some Beach, Somewhere

With apologies to Blake Shelton whose song title I just stole.

This particular beach is at Port St. Joe, just east of Mexico Beach. It is at a beach condo development that was almost deserted. Winter, at least this winter is not the time to spend at the beach. Note my winter jacket.


  1. You do know that it's warmer in Whitehorse than Orlando this morning, don't you? What a strange winter! At least you're still smiling though

  2. About that time last winter, I was frolicking in the Gulf of Mexico off Pensacola Beach! It wasn't super warm, but I was in summer gear. What a difference a year makes!

    (Your hair looks nice short like that.)

    1. The haircut was unintentional. I just told the barber to cut it short enough that I didn't have to comb it. He did! ;)

  3. Certainly not beach weather there this year, thats for sure. Hopefully things will warm up for you soon.

  4. Well at least the rain has stopped.

  5. Floridians were bragging BIG time, only 6-7 weeks back about the great weather they were experiencing while we were trying to keep warm in the US southwest desert. The tide has changed and we are experiencing some fantastic weather here in Yuma country. Weather is to speak. You can't change it so you work with it.

  6. Be careful driving in that area at night. There are a LOT of deer there.