Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Smoking Wheel and Blackened Tire

No, it's not a BBQ joint.

As we were driving from Mexico Beach towards Cedar Key yesterday, I noticed a "squeaking" noise from the rear every once in a while. I thought little of it because we had gone through a little mud getting out of the RV park yesterday and this has happened before when some dirt has gotten into the brakes and made a little noise for a while. I continued to hear the minor noise when we passed parked cars or on a bridge that allowed sound to echo. I thought of stopping to check but but being the procrastinator that I am, I didn't.

We stopped for gas just outside Perry, Florida where we were planning an overnight Walmart stop anyway and when we looked at the right dolly wheel, it was covered in black, burned grease and the hub was smoking. Well, this can't be good! The hub was hot, not red hot, but hot to the touch. I thought it was likely either a dragging electric brake or a wheel bearing, I disconnected the trailer electrical cable in case it was the brake and we continued cautiously into town. A few blocks later we passed a Firestone store and pulled in. The mechanic thought the same as me, that it was brakes or the bearing but he thought the bearing was more likely. We unloaded and parked the car and they took the dolly into the shop. It was about three o'clock by now and he had concerns about finding parts but said they would do their best to get it done quickly. I told him if was the bearing, to replace both of them as the dolly has made five trips through Mexico and one and a half to Florida. A lot of miles and the bearings have never been serviced. We continued on to the Walmart where we parked for the night with a couple of other rigs.

We called them at 8:00 this morning to remind them that we had reservations at Cedar Key tonight and since it was about a two hour drive, we would like to get away by noon or one if at all possible. He said to check back by noon, that they would try to have it ready. In the meantime, we will relax here in the Walmart lot where we shared the far wall with four other RV's last night..

Oh, oh! It just started to rain!


  1. Oh, Croft, the daily haphazards of RV life. I hope all will be well by noon today and that you're back on the way to Cedar Key. I'm anxious to hear of your adventures there as I may be following sometime in the near future. Good luck and God speed!

  2. Good luck with the bearing fix, and hope you can get on the road soon today.

  3. We can only hope that this will be a cheap fix. Maybe it was a good idea to travel the US this winter, your rig and tow will be ready for Mexico next season, all spiffed up.

  4. Just a thought in passing, Croft. Have you heard of 'bearing buddies'? If you install them - a five minute job - you can keep an eye on the grease in your bearings and easily grease them with a grease gun, on occasion. Hoping you get away on time to roll into your next RV stop.

  5. Hope the problem is an easy fix, relatively inexpensive, and you're on your way to Cedar Keys pretty quick.

  6. Boy, aren't you having an exciting life! Motorhome, car, dolly; well at least you & Norma are still running on all cylilnders!