Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Thunder Roared

We are sitting here in Mexico Beach, Florida. The temperatures have come up quite a bit and we are nit even using the electric heater. Last night there was a small group of musicians over in the common hall and they were selling beer for $3. We went over and ended up at a table with another Canadian couple from Nova Scotia who lived for several years in Puebla, Mexico where he worked for Magna Corporation. It was a fun night.

Not long after we went to bed the rain started, accompanied by cracking thunder and lightening! It lasted on and off all night, sometimes directly overhead and very close. It is continuing throughout the day today, blocking out the StarChoice much of the time.

We need a few groceries so we may venture out later to check out the town. There is a grocery store listed on Google maps but it has a name I do nor recognize.  The next closest grocery store is in Panama Beach, a few miles back on the highway. Just another day in Paradise.


  1. I've heard some of the loudest cracks ever in Florida! Hope the sunshine made it your way!

  2. It must have been the same thunder and lightening I could have sworn was directly over my RV in Louisiana! It was a noisy, wet and a bit scary night.

    1. It was like we were right inside the storm. Norma was sure she saw lightening go through the motorhome but it was just the flash (I am pretty sure)

  3. The weather sure is not cooperating for you this year, hope it improves for you.

  4. I like a good thunderstorm once in a while as we seldom ever get them on Vancouver Island. Glad to see Florida is warming up again.