Thursday, January 9, 2014

Mexico Beach

We left Mobile by 9:30 which is unbelievably early for us and drove to Pensacola on I-10, turned off towards the beach and followed 98 along the Forgotten Coast to Mexico Beach. The Time Zone runs right through town so we got here at 3:00 or 4:00 depending which side of 15th Street we are on.

We checked into the Rustic Sands RV Park and paid $22 per night (Passport America rate) for the week, There is a light rain falling but it is supposed to be clear and 70F tomorrow (according to the guy who checked us in). There is cable here so I will not set up the Starchoice until tomorrow.


  1. Settle in for a week and hope you get some warmer weather there.

    1. It is warmer today at 59F but cloudy. Rain tomorrow but sunny and 65 on Monday. It is looking much better.

  2. That sounds like a good spot and i hope it does warm up soon. It was beautiful here at Betty's yesterday after that inundation of COLD weather I thought may never leave. But, alas, today it was drizzly and overcast but not cold - probably in the mid-60s. Tomorrow we're going to the Accordion Museum and Factory - should be fun.
    I'm gong to remember your $22/day Passport RV park - maybe I'll even try making a reservation whenever I have some idea of when 'll be in that neck of the woods. Have fun. Use sunscreen.